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11/4 Google Algorithm Update, Google DeepRank & BERT & Dupe Detection Explored

I start off this week’s video recap with the monthly Google Webmaster Report, where you can quickly catch up on the past month in Google webmaster topics. There may have been a Google search ranking algorithm update around November 4th. Google said the internal code name for implementing BERT in Google Search was named DeepRank. This was said in a movie, a really well done movie, on how search works - I highly recommend you watch it. Google talked a bit more about passage indexing. Google’s Gary Illyes spoke in detail about how Google handles dupe detection and canonicalization. Google said your one off products should be archived, not kept live. Danny Sullivan of Google gave one-on-one advice to a travel blogger. Google said your home page can outrank your internal pages for deeper content. Google is really going to stop supporting in January. Google Search Console misclassified some Google Discover video data. There was a poll about how SEOs use tools and how much they pay for them. Google is testing short videos in the search results. Google is testing a black search tools bar. Microsoft Advertising has a new promotions extension feature. Google Ads has an add-on to Google Sheets and a link to Ads Data Hub. Google Ads target spend setting will stop working for maximize clicks campaigns in January. The Product Expert virtual summit was a week or so ago and Mihai was there and summed it up for us. Finally, the elections were Tuesday and I asked how SEOs voted, turns out, most voted for Biden. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.



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