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AMP Page URL is Error (5XX)

The URL under scrutiny is an AMP Page URL, which has resulted in Error (5XX).

Why is this important?

When an AMP Page URL yields a server error (5XX), it may prevent search engines from crawling the page successfully, potentially leading to indexing issues or absence from search results.

What does the Optimization check?

This Optimization activates when an AMP Page URL elicits a 5XX HTTP status response.

Examples that trigger this Optimization

Take the following AMP URL as an example:

If the URL returns a 500 (Internal Server Error) status, the Optimization would be set off:

HTTP/... 500 Internal Server Error...

URLs with any other server error status code (5XX) would also activate the Optimization.

How do you resolve this issue?

Labeled 'Critical', this Optimization points to a dire issue likely to impact organic search performance severely. Critical issues should be addressed urgently.

For indexation, AMP URLs must be reachable. If a server error prevents access to the page during a crawl attempt by Loud Interactive, this does not mean the error is permanent; it may currently load correctly in your browser.

Server issues are indicated by 5XX errors, which hamper both user and search engine access to your site. Investigating and understanding the root causes with the help of a developer or server administrator is essential.

To correct, verify that the

<link rel="amphtml">

tag is directing to the appropriate AMP page and confirm that this page is fully open to search engines and visitors, ensuring it returns a 200 HTTP status.


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