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AMP Page URL is Not Found (4XX)

The URL in question refers to an AMP page that results in a Not Found (4XX) error.

Why is this important?

An unreachable AMP Page URL prevents search engines from crawling and indexing the content, which consequently means that it won't appear in search results.

What does the Optimization check?

The condition triggers when an AMP URL elicits a 404 response from the server.

Examples that trigger this Optimization

Take into account the following AMP URL:

If attempting to access this URL results in a 404 response, the Optimization would be activated:

HTTP/... 404 Not Found...

How do you resolve this issue?

Identified as 'Critical', such issues are detrimental to SEO and should be rectified urgently. The inability to access AMP URLs may significantly impact organic search performance.

To solve the issue, ensure the <link rel="amphtml"> element on the canonical page points to the appropriate AMP version, and verify this page is granting a 200 status code, making it accessible to both search engines and users.



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