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Canonicalized URL is Noindex, Nofollow

Issue Overview: This alert identifies pages with a canonical tag pointing to another URL while also marked as noindex, nofollow.

Significance: Canonical tags guide search engines to a preferred URL. Using noindex with canonical tags can create confusion, potentially affecting indexing of the canonicalized page. Google advises against this practice.

Checking Mechanism: The hint is triggered for URLs marked noindex, nofollow, and containing a canonical link pointing elsewhere.

Example Scenario: A page with a canonical tag pointing to a different internal page, combined with noindex, nofollow robots directives, will activate this hint.

Resolution: Remove the robots directives to avoid conflicting signals to search engines and ensure proper canonicalization.

For a comprehensive understanding and further reading, visit Sitebulb's page on [Canonicalized URL is Noindex, Nofollow](


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