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Google About This Result, Enforcing Cart Prices & Google Discover Chrome Data & Match Types Expand

This week in search, I posted my monthly recap of the Google Webmaster Report, I must say it is an excellent way to catch up on all things Google Search in a quick way. Google launched the “about this result” snippet feature that most searchers likely won’t use but some SEOs are concerned with because the information either comes from Wikipedia or Google, not from the site owner. Google’s page experience label will require all factors to be met to show the indicator. Google said it will suspend Google Merchants that show a higher price in the cart than what they show on their e-commerce landing pages. Google updated the Search Console Discover performance report to show Discover data from Chrome tabs. Google said having the same link on the same page with different anchor text is fine. Bing is testing showing estimated reading time in the search results. Google is displaying stars in the reviews section of the local panel. Google My Business updated its guidelines for co-working spaces. Google now shows if your Google My Business edits were accepted or not. Google Shopping adds a label to product listings for “black owned” businesses. Google Ads announced that phrase match will expand to cover additional broad match modifier traffic. Google reported earnings this week and it made a heck of a lot of money.



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