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Google December 2020 Core Update

Google has begun rolling out their third broad core update yesterday, the December Broad Core Update. Google may have rolled out another unconfirmed Google ranking update on December 1st. Google posted a detailed FAQ around the Page Experience Update and Core Web Vitals and one new thing is that it will only be a ranking signal for mobile search, we also saw a possible sample of the visual indicator for the page experience update. Google released a help document on advanced crawl budget management for large sites. Google said longer anchor text is not better but may provide more context. Google News Showcase is expanding plus we will get Search Console metrics about it. Google Merchant Center lets you build your own reports. Google Maps updated the messaging features and improved the performance insights metrics. Google Maps added a community feed to the explore tab. Google My Business updated how to suggest an edit. Google is testing a UI with half a line break. Google is testing a larger podcast carousel in search. Bing Video search has a drag and drop playlist tool.



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