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Has incoming followed links that do not use descriptive anchor text

The URL being reviewed receives internal inbound links that are followed and contain non-descriptive anchor text, such as 'click here', 'go', or 'here'.

Why is this important?

Guiding users and search engines through your site is effectively done with internal linking. For SEO, internal linking strategically suggests to search engines which pages on your site are more significant.

Google has consistently recommended the use of descriptive anchor text, because it’s a valuable indicator for both search engines and site visitors to better grasp what your content is about.

What does the Optimization check?

This evaluation triggers for any internal URL with incoming internal followed links using anchor text such as:

  • 'click here'

  • 'go'

  • 'here'

  • 'this'

  • 'start'

  • 'read further'

Keep in mind that this assessment is limited to the English language and might not be relevant for content in other languages.

Why is this Optimization marked 'Opportunity'?

At Loud Interactive, we view this Optimization as an Opportunity since improving upon this can possibly lead to increased search traffic for the site.

There might be a sufficient number of descriptive links pointing to these URLs, negating the need for optimization.

Nonetheless, pages that are integral to your site's visibility may merit an upgrade in anchor text to better support their search ranking potential.

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