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Has one or more outgoing followed links with non descriptive anchor text

It has been identified that your website's URL includes outbound followed hyperlinks directing to other pages within your site, all of which use non-descriptive anchor text—these are phrases like 'click here', 'go', 'here', and the like.

Why is this important?

Internal linking is how you navigate users and search engine bots through your website. For SEO, internal links guide search engines on which pages hold more significance across your site.

Google has long advised to use clear and descriptive anchor text to aid search engines and users in comprehending your content. See more on their "recommendations about link architecture."

What does the Optimization check?

Should any internal URL feature outbound internal followed links with the succeeding anchor texts, the Optimization will be triggered:

  • 'click here'

  • 'go'

  • 'this link'

  • 'over here'

  • 'this page'

  • 'begin'

  • 'check it out'

  • 'discover more'

  • 'find out more'

  • 'explore'

It is important to note that this Optimization is currently limited to the English language and may not be relevant for content in other languages.

Why is this Optimization marked 'Opportunity'?

In the analytic tool Sitebulb, this type of Optimization is considered an Opportunity, marking this situation as one where there's room for optimization to likely increase search traffic.

While you might be satisfied with the current internal linking strategy, and changing established links might seem unnecessary, there's an option to take action on pages with multiple generic anchor texts. The presence of such links might indicate a menu or navigation feature that can be enhanced to benefit linked pages more effectively.

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