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Has only one followed internal linking URL

The focus here is on a URL with a lone followed inbound hyperlink stemming from a single other internal location on the domain.

Why is this important?

Propagating internal links is critical for guiding both your audience and search engine bots through your website's content. For SEO, these internal connections are pivotal in showing search engines which pages hold more significance within your domain.

A URL that garners just one followed internal link receives minimal link equity, which poses a challenge for its ability to rank well.

What does the Optimization check?

Loud Interactive's Optimization is activated for any internal URL that receives followed links from just one internal source. It might be linked multiple times from that single source and could also have 'nofollow' links from other pages within the site.

Why is this Optimization marked 'Opportunity'?

Within Sitebulb, we categorize this Optimization as an Opportunity for it embodies a chance to enhance your site for better search performance.

It's possible that the impacted URLs may not require additional incoming internal links.

Yet, you might want to consider action for these URLs, especially if these pages are pivotal and should be ranking. More internal links can be directed their way. Conversely, if they house insubstantial content, you might want to make them non-indexable.

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