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<head> includes non-compliant HTML components

Loud Interactive has identified an issue where the analyzed URL incorporates a <noscript> segment in the <head>, which contains impermissible HTML components.

Why does this matter?

A <noscript> element is designed to present alternative content for users with scripts disabled in their browser, or those using browsers lacking script support.

It is appropriate to utilize <noscript> within both the <head> and <body> tags. However, within the <head> section, it should exclusively encompass <link>, <style>, and <meta> tags.

Inclusion of other types of HTML inside the <head> can interfere with search engine crawlers, particularly those that do not execute JavaScript, leading to potential neglect of vital tags like meta robots details.

Criteria for triggering this optimization

Loud Interactive's audit will flag any internal links showcasing a <noscript> tag in the <head> containing unauthorized elements (that is anything but <link>, <style>, and <meta> tags).

Instances that activate this optimization

Examples where this optimization would be activated include any URL with a non-compliant element within <noscript> in the <head>. For example:

<!doctype html><html lang="en">  <head>    <noscript><div>Should not be here!</div></noscript>    ...  </head>  <body>...</body></html>

Rectifying the issue

Deemed as 'Critical' by Loud Interactive, this issue poses a significant risk that can drastically impact organic search visibility. Critical problems should be remedied urgently.

One needs to determine the purpose of the <noscript> and assess if it can be relocated from the <head> to the <body>, where it is considered valid.

It is imperative to eliminate all non-compliant elements from <noscript> if it must remain within the <head> section.

Google's official guidance on this matter is:

"Use of these non-compliant elements in the <head> is discouraged. However, if there is a need to include them, ensure they are placed after the elements you wish for Google to index. Google may disregard any additional elements in the <head> after encountering a non-compliant element."

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