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Isolated URL only found via a redirect

This means that the URL in question is only discoverable through a redirect, making it an isolated page.

Why is this important?

The absence of incoming internal links to the URL means it exists outside of the network of your site's structure, despite being reachable by following redirects.

While search engine bots can reach the page, they only do so via a redirection path:

Via 301 redirect

For instance, accessing Page C is only possible through a 301 redirect, due to its isolation from the site’s internal link architecture:

Redirect page is isolated

Consequently, the destination URL may not adequately receive link equity, which could impact how well it ranks in search results.

What does the Optimization check?

The Optimization is activated for any internal URL devoid of incoming internal links and serving as the target location for redirecting pages (3XX codes).

Examples that trigger this Optimization:

Take for example the URL:

This URL issues a redirect to another page:

HTTP/... 301 Moved Permanently ...Location:

Here, the destination URL has no incoming internal links.

The Optimization would be activated for the URL:

How do you resolve this issue?

This problem should be addressed similarly to the case of 'Internal redirected URLs,' updating any URLs pointing to the redirection target to link straight to the final URL.

How do you get more data from Sitebulb?

Within the URL List, by selecting 'URL Details' for a URL, you can review the redirect chain to identify the final destination with a 200 status code.

Redirect Chain

Subsequently, the Incoming Links should be rerouted directly to the destination URL:

Incoming Links to Redirect URL

This approach permits addressing each redirect individually, but for bulk actions, exporting the data for thorough examination is recommended.

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