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Meta Robots Tags Found Outside of `<head>`: SEO Implications and ResolutionsUnderstanding the Issue

When meta robots tags appear outside the `<head>` section of HTML, it can lead to unexpected SEO consequences. These tags, if found in the `<body>`, are still respected by search engines like Google, which might not align with the webmaster's intentions.

Why It Matters

- Search Engine Compliance: Meta robots tags are traditionally located in the `<head>` for proper search engine recognition.

- Potential Misinterpretation: Tags located in the `<body>` (like "noindex") might inadvertently affect page indexing.

Identifying the Problem

The hint triggers for any URL containing a meta robots tag outside the `<head>`. It could stem from invalid HTML elements breaking the `<head>` or a configuration error in page templates.

Resolution Steps

1. Review Page Structure: Ensure that meta robots tags are correctly placed within the `<head>`.

2. Inspect for Errors: Check for issues that might break the `<head>` section, like invalid HTML elements.

3. Developer Collaboration: Work with developers to correct template or script configurations.

SEO Resources for Further Learning

Expert SEO Assistance

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