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Only has desktop organic search traffic

The analysis reveals that the specific URL has garnered organic search traffic exclusively from desktop devices, according to the data from Google Search Console.

Why is this important?

This observation should be viewed as an alert - it raises the question as to why the page in question attracted visitors on desktop but failed to do so on mobile or tablet devices? This could be an indication of an issue with how the page is being indexed or displayed in mobile and tablet searches.

What does the Optimization check?

This Optimization will become active for any internal URL that has reported clicks from desktop searches, but a complete absence of clicks from mobile or tablet devices.

The information is sourced from Google Search Console through an API for the Property in question over the chosen time frame.

Why is this Optimization marked 'Potential Issue'?

This Optimization is flagged as a 'Potential Issue'. Meaning, it's not likely causing immediate problems, but it's something that should be on your radar, as it might lead to complications down the road.

There could be various reasons for this outcome. For instance, the existence of a dedicated mobile site targeting mobile and tablet users (like could result in such a scenario where the main site is expected to primarily receive desktop traffic. In such cases, this Optimization can be disregarded.

Or it could simply be that the number of visits within the date range specified was low and coincidentally from desktop users only.

Nevertheless, when this Optimization is triggered, it can serve as a tool to uncover issues with mobile or tablet page versions not performing as intended, potentially pointing to a broader underlying problem.

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