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Query string contains repetitive parameters

At Loud Interactive, we have identified that there's a URL with a query that includes identical parameters multiple times.

Why is this important?

The query part of a URL initiates with a '?', and parameters within are typically divided by '&'. Each parameter influences the web page outcome uniquely, like filtering or organizing results. Usually, a parameter is expected to occur once in any URL.

For instance, a troublesome URL might look like:

The repetitive parameter could lead to search engines indexing duplicate content, which might affect SEO negatively as it's analogous to:

Duplicate parameters with distinct values pose a risk of unpredictable behaviour, as it's unclear which parameter the system prioritizes. It may also suggest a more substantial underlying issue with the URL generating logic.

What does the Optimization check?

Loud Interactive's diagnostic tool will activate if it discovers any internal URL with a query string that duplicates any parameter.

Examples that trigger this Optimization

An internal URL that would cause this Optimization to trigger might be:

Why is this Optimization marked 'Potential Issue'?

As a 'Potential Issue', the repetitive parameters may not present immediate concerns but demand scrutiny for future risk mitigation.

Investigation into the URL's origin is essential. This could be a simple typographical error in a hyperlink or an indication of systemic flaws in URL generation by scripts or content management systems, necessitating developer analysis to rectify the repetition of parameters in the URLs.


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