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Query string contains search or filter parameters

Web addresses that include a query component signaling search or filter operations, such as

Examples that trigger this Optimization

The presence of a query component with recognizable search or filter parameters in a URL will initiate this hint.

Why is this important?

Search and filter functions are crucial for visitors to navigate site content, enabling a deeper understanding of what’s offered and assisting in locating desired items.

Typically, such URLs contain a query string with a search segment, for instance:

Given that 'search' URLs reshuffle existing content, they don't expose new material for search engines to index. Optimally, you'd prefer these engines to focus on fresh, unique content rather than spending resources on redundant 'search' URLs.

What does the Optimization check?

This Optimization activates for URLs that incorporate parameters common to search or filter functionality.

Examples that trigger this Optimization

URLs with any of the typical search or filter parameters listed below would set off this Optimization:

Why is this Optimization marked 'Insight'?

Labeled as an 'Insight', this Optimization is more of a pointer for review rather than an imperative fix. It flags something noteworthy without necessitating immediate action.

Having search or filter parameters in URLs isn't inherently problematic, as search engines can typically process them effectively. The significant question is whether it's necessary for search engines to crawl those pages.

If a site shows a disproportionately high quantity of such URLs, or if there are known issues with search engine crawlers accessing the site's content in its entirety, it may be worth assessing the crawler’s focus area (such as through log file analysis).

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