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Query string includes an extra question mark

A URL has been identified that contains multiple question marks within its query string component.

Why is this significant?

A URL's query string starts with one question mark, which serves as a delimiter separating the path from the query parameters. However, it should not contain additional question marks within the parameters itself.

If an extra question mark is present within the query string, it is regarded as a standard character rather than a separator. Although this does not breach URL standards, it is rare and could imply there are underlying issues with the URL generation process that may need investigation.

What is the objective of the Optimization?

This Optimization is designed to flag any internal URLs exhibiting a second question mark within the query string, indicating redundancy in the URL structure.

Examples that could activate this Optimization

Reasoning behind the 'Potential Issue' classification

Labelled as a 'Potential Issue', this Optimization suggests that while it might not currently impact the site, the presence of an extra question mark within the query string is worth investigating, as it could become problematic in the future.

Even though URLs containing additional question marks are generally navigable by both users and search engines, when such a pattern is observed, it might indicate a possibility of incorrect URL generation, typically due to scripting or content management system (CMS) errors. Therefore, consulting with the site's development team for verification is advised.


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