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Resource URL redirect broken (4XX or 5XX)

When Loud Interactive is analyzing sites and comes across a resource URL that leads to a broken redirect, it means that the URL intended for resource retrieval points to another location, one that is unfortunately unreachable upon inspection.

Why is this important?

Redirects are part of the web's functional design, guiding users from one page to another seamlessly. A 301 for permanent moves, or a 302 for temporary ones, informs browsers of changes in resource locations. When page elements such as CSS or JavaScript are affected, it can hamper a web page's proper visual display and usability.

What does the Optimization check?

Loud Interactive’s tools flag any issue where a resource URL meant for a page ends up redirecting to an URL that yields a 4XX or 5XX HTTP status code, indicating client-side or server-side errors respectively.

Examples that trigger this Optimization:

Take the case of a resource URL:

This would issue a warning if it returned a 4XX response, like so:

HTTP/... 404 Not Found...

Or like this for a 5XX response:

HTTP/... 500 Internal Server Error...

How do you resolve this issue?

Problems with resource URLs can detract from content quality and should be promptly addressed. Especially as search engines increasingly focus on how pages are rendered. Non-functional URLs thwart the rendering process, potentially impacting a site's search presence.

To handle redirection issues, opt for one of these solutions:

  • Replace the content - Establish a new file at a different URL and update all links to point to this updated location.

  • Remove all references - If the resource is not replaceable, eliminate all links leading to the faulty URL and adjust the layout to maintain page integrity.

How do you get more data from Sitebulb?

The endgame of resolution involves tracking down every link that leads to the resource. Within Loud Interactives solutions, such details are conveniently accessible.

To discover them, select the grey View option near the 'No. URLs Referencing Resource' column in the URL List interface.


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