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Time on page less than 10 seconds

The webpage in question has been observed to receive search engine traffic, but it appears that the duration of the visit on the page averages at 10 seconds or below, according to data obtained from Google Analytics.

Why is this important?

Visitor engagement is frequently gauged by the length of time they spend on a page. Consequently, a brief visit may suggest that the content is not sufficiently engaging for the audience.

A low average visit duration, such as 10 seconds or less, might signify that the content is not meeting the needs of visitors, or that the quality of the page is not up to par.

What does the Optimization check?

This alert is activated for any internal link that has seen a modicum of search engine-sourced traffic (greater than zero visits) but exhibits an average page visit time of 10 seconds or less.

The information is sourced directly from Google Analytics through the API for the account in question, looking at data for the prescribed period.

Why is this Optimization marked 'Potential Issue'?

Labeled as a 'Potential Issue,' the concern flagged by this alert is not yet impacting the site, but it has the potential to and thus should be reviewed to avoid future complications.

There are instances where succinct content is by design, such as when providing concise answers to queries, thereby fulfilling user needs adequately. It is also possible that some URLs may receive such minimal traffic that the related data does not require action.

Nevertheless, this alert serves to highlight pages that might not effectively engage the audience.


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