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URL contains repetitive elements

The issue is the presence of redundant segments within the URL path.

Why is this important?

Typically, redundant URL paths occur when a crawler identifies links with relative URLs on a page that lacks a proper base URL, for instance,

Such redundancy can be a result of configurations in Content Management Systems, plugin errors, or defective HTML coding.

Occasionally, dates in URL paths can be mistakenly identified as redundant. These are generally not a concern, such as in

What does the Optimization check?

The Optimization is activated for any internal URL that exhibits duplicated directory names.

Examples that trigger this Optimization

This Optimization will be triggered by URLs that include the same directory name more than once, like

Why is this Optimization marked 'Potential Issue'?

Tagged as a 'Potential Issue,' this Optimization suggests a problem that might not be currently impacting the site but could potentially lead to complications down the line.

Redundant URL directories might be a symptom of substandard website architecture, or simply the result of date-based directory structures as noted previously.

Discerning whether redundant directories should raise concern requires investigating the root cause. If missing a base URL is resulting in relative links causing the issue, then the solution would involve adopting absolute URLs or implementing a base URL. Should the redundancy stem from a flawed site architecture, considering a revision of the directory layout might be beneficial.


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