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What does ‘Multiple title tags’ issue in an SEO site audit mean?

When conducting site audits for our clients at Loud Interactive, we often encounter the 'Multiple title tags' issue on web pages.

Addressing this issue is crucial for the SEO performance of the website. Here's a detailed explanation of what this issue entails, its significance, and how we address it to ensure optimal site health for our clients.

What Triggers the 'Multiple Title Tags' Issue?

This issue arises when a webpage contains more than one `<title>` tag. Search engines expect each page to have a single, unique title tag, which plays a significant role in SEO. It serves as a concise description of the page's content, appearing in search engine results and browser tabs, guiding both users and search engines.

The Importance of Resolving This Issue

Multiple title tags can confuse search engines trying to understand and rank a page, diluting the clarity of the page's focus and potentially weakening its search engine performance. Additionally, it could be perceived as an attempt to manipulate search results by targeting multiple keywords, which search engines like Google may penalize.

How Do We Fix It?

1. Identifying the Issue: Using our suite of SEO tools, we first identify pages affected by this issue. This step is crucial for understanding the problem's extent across the website.

2. Analysis and Correction: We examine the page's HTML code to locate all instances of the `<title>` tag, which might involve navigating through the website's CMS template files or any hard-coded HTML pages.

3. Consolidation: The goal is to consolidate any multiple title tags into a single, descriptive, and keyword-optimized title by choosing the title that best represents the page's content or creating a new title if necessary.

4. Prevention: To prevent this issue from recurring, we ensure that the website's CMS or plugins do not automatically generate additional title tags. This may require configuring CMS settings or consulting with the website development team for a technical solution.

5. Ongoing Monitoring: After fixing the issue, we continue to monitor the site to ensure the issue does not reappear, as part of our commitment to maintaining our clients' website health and SEO performance.

In Summary

Dealing with multiple title tags requires an in-depth understanding of SEO best practices and a meticulous approach to website auditing. At Loud Interactive, our ability to identify and rectify such issues ensures that our clients' websites are optimized for both search engines and users, maintaining their competitive edge in the digital landscape.


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