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Loud offers the best content SEO & writing resources on the planet


Loud will help you curate high-quality content at the optimal blended rate to meet your budget. Cost varies based on the nature of the client’s project and the experience of the writer.

Range: $5 - $150/Hr

Average Cost: $50/Hr


400+ professional writers

  • The largest network of freelance journalists and copywriters in the search industry curated from training over 10,000 Tribune journalists

  • Built from a network of journalists and writers, not marketers who think they are writers

  • Over 70% from the US and English-speaking countries


Educated, experienced, with global perspective

  • 100+ Journalism

  • 75+ English degrees

  • 100+ specialty incl. Law, Molecular Biology,
    Social Justice Studies (only 5% of have a Marketing degree)

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