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“In my experience, the signal-to-noise ratio amongst individuals in the SEO industry is particularly bad. Supposed 'experts' miss the forest for the trees and focus on short-term gains that are either not scalable or sustainable. In stark contrast, Brent has provided a foundation on which to build SEO success. He provides high-quality work that cuts through the noise. And, most importantly, the results are undeniably excellent. Highly recommended.”

~ Neil Davis, - An online psychiatrist startup

Brent is creative, enregetic, and a great resource.

--Bob Barba, Business Development at United Airlines

“I hired Brent and his company for his SEO consulting for a number of projects, including on the redesign of a Microsite at Northwestern Medicine's fundraising arm, Northwestern Memorial Foundation. Brent's professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to work well with complex topics in heavily regulated industries such as HealthCare are a true asset.”

--Scott Schuster, Philanthropy & Marketing Associate at Northwestern Memorial Hospital

“I like Brent he's a nice buddy of mine I met in-person. I have high-functioning autism. Me and him are best buddies. A friendship between a person and a high-functioning autistic person.”

--Alfie Martin, Photographer at Fine Art America

“Brent is da man! Loud is da band!”

--Todd Mintz, President at Cyperspace Trailblazers Inc.

“I worked for Loud Interactive part-time for about three years. During that time Brent was usually who I communicated with at the company. I found him to be helpful, professional, and quick to resolve any questions or concerns I had.”

--Angela Davis, Freelance Writer at Loud Interactive, LLC

“Brent is great to work with! He provides valuable insight when it comes to SEO and making the most out of marketing/PR opportunities.”

-- Kristyna Saja, Creative Director at Designer Appliances

“Brent Payne is one of the most creative people I know at coming up with ways to help others be successful in business. He is a true digital marketing/SEO thought leader and brings out the best in others.”

-- Jeannie Hill, Owner at Hill Web Marketing

“Brent leaves a positive impression. He’s inspiring, professional and fun to work with!”

--Frank Mungo, Vice President at Temperature Equipment Corporation

“Absolute delight to work with. He's creative and delivers!”

--Morgan Dubiel, Owner/CEO at Morgan and Sons Fire Restoration Company

“Brent is a seasoned expert. He is highly knowledgeable with a vast network. Brent keeps he eyes on new trends, changes, and is an SEO/SEM master.”

-- Becky Ryan, Marketing at Click Media

“Brent and his team are exceptional at driving the results you need.”

--Diana Hechavarria, President at DMG Group

“One of the brightest digital people I know! Gets it easily”

--Pam Gassel, National Account Manager at Tribune Media Group

“Brent is a super-intelligent and down to earth guy who makes shit happen. He’s a pleasure to work with and doesn’t waste time!”

--Kevin M. Roemer, Designer and Front-end Developer

“Brent is a true professional who gets results for his clients.”

--Tom Rovetuso, Owner & Chief Instructor at Angel One Training Group

“Brent is persistent and always thinking up new ways to get you to the top.”

--Brett Olsen, Controls Division Director at Stevens Sales Co.

“Brent has an amazing knowledge of SEO, and he knows how to tailor his skills to any situation. He cares deeply about the client and works tirelessly to present people and companies at their best. It's extremely valuable to have Brent on your side.”

--Elaine Maimon, Author of A Writer’s Resource: A Handbook for Writing and Research

“When using Loud for the growth of my small business, I always felt as if I had an army of dedicated people working on our behalf. Not just multiple hands on deck, but people who actually cared about the betterment of my business. Thank you, Loud!”

--Chuck Dickstein, CEO at Clawzit

“Brent understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to SEO. He’s able to masterfully apply different tactics to fit whatever situation is thrown at him and remains methodical in his approach to make sure nothing is missed. From week to week, Brent is continually adapting the SEO strategy to account for updated information regarding rankings, CTR, traffic, and conversions. He loves working through problems with and does so in a way that is easy to understand.”

--Metin Ozkuzey, CEO at Designer Appliances

“Whenever we had any questions or issues Brent and his Loud team addressed them immediately.”

--Peter Furla, President at Furla Studio

“Professional. Driven. The solution. Brent strives for results. He has met all of my expectations.”

--Ryan Yoes, Director at Volvo Group N.A

“An exceptional individual! Straightforward.. always willing to help. Personable. Service-oriented. A true partner!!!”

--Ed Stange, Superintendent at School District 29 Cook County Illinois

“I have worked with Brent across multiple companies and each time we relied on him for our SEO needs because of his ingenuity and depth of expertise. He was able to develop new ideas and solutions that moved the dial.”

--Amanda Signorelli, Managing Partner at Golden Steer Las Vegas

“Brent Payne is a search marketing legend and owns the best Chicago SEO company: Loud SEO. He represents quality, trust, and the rare ability to consistently execute at the highest level in the local SEO and digital marketing service space over the past few decades. I've seen good & great in terms of SEO experts but Brent is in the top 1% of search engine experts in the United States.”

--Andre Kazimierski, CEO & Founder at Improovy, 3rd Gen Painting, Sophia's Cleaning Service

“Brent is a wealth of knowledge. Not only did he level up our SEO strategies, I was able to improve my own knowledge of SEO while working with him.”

--Sydney Webber, Director of Brand Marketing at NBP Capital

"Brent has a masterful understanding of SEO, and is skillfully able to adapt to different situations and verticals to provide meaningful and lasting results. He is thorough, straightforward, loves to solve challenges, and explains solutions in an easily understandable way. Throughout the engagement with Loud, Brent taught us SEO basics, strategies, and all the way to advanced applications that we are still utilizing today and continues to drive results."

--Noah Schatz, President & CEO at

"Brent has clear credentials and experience to help companies big and small implement effective SEO strategies. He breaks things down into tactical, simple terms and tasks so you not only understand what you're implementing but why."

--Rachael Feuerborn, Entrepreneur-in-residence at 1871

“Brent always believed in me and taught me a lot. Loud is where I got my start and I am thankful for Brent and the people I met at Loud.”

--Madeleine Suszka, Product Owner at NASDAQ

"SEO is like going on a diet. Most people know what you need to do but few have the willpower to make it happen. Brent is our personal trainer for SEO. Prior to Brent, we would chase whatever marketing fad was popular at the time. Brent has been the antidote. He knows what works and what doesn't. He always has a plan to move us forward. We always thought we were that one secret trick away from ranking at the top, but the truth is that secret trick doesn't exist. Brent has taught us to methodologically attack SEO... working on proven successes over and over again. And methodically, our traffic has continued to grow. We gave Brent a ridiculous goal this year and he managed to help us crush our expectations. We've worked with other SEO firms in the past and have always been disappointed. When you work with Brent you are getting a world-class practitioner of SEO and not a low-level account manager at a large firm."

--John Carey, Vice President at Designer Appliances

“Brent is a skilled, seasoned digital marketer with extensive SEO experience”

--Frank Watson, Senior SEO Strategist at Master Electronics

“One of the most creative and smartest people in SEO.”

--Troy Henikoff, Managing Director at MATH Venture Partners

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