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Ensuring Images Speak: The Importance of Alt Text


Welcome to the Loud Interactive guide on making images accessible through alternative text! In our digital world, images enrich content, but not everyone can see them. Here, we dive into why images must have alt text and how to craft descriptions that ensure no user misses out.

The Importance of Alt Text

Imagine browsing the web without being able to see images. For users relying on screen readers, that's a daily reality. Alt text is the bridge that conveys the image's story, purpose, and emotion to these users. It's not just about compliance; it's about inclusivity.

How to Fix the Problem

Creating effective alt text is both an art and a science. Follow these tips to make your images accessible:

  • Informative Images: Use concise, descriptive text to explain the image's content and purpose.

  • Decorative Images: For images that serve no informational purpose, use alt="" to skip them in screen readers.

Why It Matters

Beyond compliance, providing alt text is a step toward creating an equitable digital space. It ensures that all users, regardless of visual ability, can experience your content fully.

Rule Description

Every image on your site needs alt text to communicate its message to users who can't see it. This requirement helps in making your website more accessible and user-friendly.

The Algorithm, Simplified

Our goal is to ensure every image tag (<img>) includes an alt attribute filled with meaningful text, adhering to ARIA 1.1 standards.

Resources and Tools

  • Deque University: Offers in-depth courses on crafting effective alt text and understanding accessibility standards.

  • Axe DevTools Pro: A powerful tool to identify and fix accessibility issues directly within your development process.

  • Contribute on GitHub: Join the community improving accessibility tools and standards.

Feedback Loop

Your input is invaluable. Was this guide helpful? Share your thoughts and suggestions to help us improve.


Alt text is a small addition to your images but makes a massive difference in accessibility. By following these guidelines, you're not just enhancing your site's SEO; you're championing a more inclusive digital world.



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