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Had bounce rate greater than or equal to 80%

At Loud Interactive, we've observed that certain URLs garner organic search traffic with a bounce rate that’s 80% or higher, based on figures from the connected Google Analytics.

Why is this important?

A high bounce rate can suggest that a webpage may not be captivating enough or fails to provide the answers users were seeking from search results, thus indicating potential quality issues with the page.

What does the Optimization check?

The analysis performed by Loud Interactive flags any internal URL which receives even a minimal amount of organic search traffic but registers a high bounce rate of 80% or more.

This information is sourced from Google Analytics through an API associated with the specified Account/View over a given time frame.

Why is this Optimization marked 'Potential Issue'?

Loud Interactive labels this as a 'Potential Issue' because while it may not presently impact your site, it’s crucial to investigate as it could lead to complications down the line.

High bounce rates can occasionally be misleading; a user might find everything they need on one page and exit satisfied. To refine the data, consider adopt Adjusted Bounce Rate practices.

This metric can also guide you to identify and enhance pages that are currently underperforming in terms of visitor engagement.



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