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Has an internal link with no anchor text

On your website, you may find a hyperlink that does not include any visible anchor text for users to click on.

Why is this important?

Internal links are crucial for navigation and assisting both users and search engine bots in finding content on your site. They play a key role in defining the hierarchy and spreading link equity across websites.

The clickable text in a hyperlink, known as anchor text, aids search engines in understanding the context of the link's destination. Anchor text should be direct and relevant to the page it is linking to.

A hyperlink without anchor text is a missed chance to utilize internal linking to guide search engines and can impact the page's search engine ranking capability.

What does the Optimization check?

The check will be activated when a page in your website contains an internal link that lacks visible text content.

Examples that trigger this Optimization:

Below are instances that might trigger the alert.

An anchor that is text-less

An anchor that encompasses a blank span

An anchor that has attributes but lacks text

<a href="" id="unique-link" rel="prev"></a>

Why is this Optimization marked 'Opportunity'?

As identified by Loud Interactive, this Optimization denotes an opportunity since optimizing the anchor text could lead to improved search engine traffic.

Considering that webmasters can manage the anchor text for internal links, optimizing it is seen as an impactful on-site SEO strategy.

We advise you to evaluate instances of missing anchor text and wherever possible, modify the links to include descriptive and pertinent anchor text.

Depending on the circumstance, a single update in the website's template may address the issue across multiple pages simultaneously.

How to glean more information from Loud Interactive?

Within the URL List, select the boldface Optimization Details to bring forth more specifics about each URL regarding the Optimization.

This will reveal any links without anchor text within the HTML, with such instances marked in a contrasting color for easy identification.



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