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Query string contains more than three parameters

A URL can have a query string that features over three individual parameters.

Why is this important?

Within a URL, a query starts with a question mark, and further parameters are linked using ampersands ("&").

For instance, this URL has 2 parameters:

URLs containing in excess of three parameters might suggest complexity, such as URLs exhibiting numerous filter and sort options in a search. If detected by Loud Interactive's crawler, search engines might also index them, potentially leading to issues such as wasted crawl budget or content repetition.

What does the Optimization check?

Loud Interactive's Optimization will activate for any onsite URL that includes a query string with a question mark, indicating multiple parameters within the URL.

Examples that trigger this Optimization

The Optimization is triggered by any URL that contains over three query parameters, like the example below:

Why is this Optimization marked 'Insight'?

The 'Insight' designation for this Optimization implies that immediate action is not mandatory. It's a nudge for further examination rather than an indication of a critical issue to resolve.

While URLs with extensive parameters are not inherently problematic and search engines may process them efficiently, it's advisable to scrutinize them if the site exhibits an unusually high number or if search engine crawl efficiency is known to be suboptimal.

To address potential concerns, one might contemplate reducing the URL parameters, or employ alternative tactics to prevent search engine crawlers from expending resources on highly variable URLs, such as manipulating settings within Google Search Console.

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