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URL only received mobile organic search traffic

The particular web address we are examining reported exclusively being visited via organic search queries from mobile devices according to the associated Google Search Console data.

Why is this important?

This observation acts as an indicator for further investigation - what's the reason behind the absence of page traffic from desktop or tablet sources? This might indicate a search performance discrepancy for the page across different device platforms.

What does the Optimization check?

This Optimization is activated when any internal URL records a degree of mobile traffic from organic searches (i.e., more than 0 clicks) but fails to register clicks from desktop or tablet users.

The information originates from Google Search Console, collated through an API for the Property in question over a defined time frame.

Why is this Optimization marked 'Potential Issue'?

Labeled as a 'Potential Issue', this Optimization suggests it may not be impacting the site currently, yet it's something that requires attention due to possible future complications.

Consider, for instance, that your site under review might cater exclusively to mobile traffic (such as an site variant), in which case an absence of non-mobile traffic would be expected. Under such circumstances, the Optimization can be disregarded.

Alternatively, the scenario could be that there were only minimal visits noted within the sampled time span, and coincidentally, they were all from mobile devices.

Still, this alert can serve to identify cases where the non-mobile versions are not performing as expected, potentially hinting at broader underlying issues.



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