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URL Only Received Tablet Organic Search Traffic

Attention is needed when a webpage registers traffic solely from tablet users and none from desktop or mobile. This could highlight an underlying search performance problem for desktop and mobile versions of the webpage.

What does the Optimization check?

Upon detection of any internal URL amassing clicks from tablets in organic search results (at least one click) but failing to capture clicks from desktop or mobile devices, this Optimization is activated.

This data originates from the Google Search Console, secured via the API for the designated Property over the set date range.

Why is this Optimization marked 'Potential Issue'?

Labeled as a 'Potential Issue,' this signal suggests no immediate impact on your site but highlights a need for scrutiny that could escalate into future complications.

It is possible that within the specified period, there were minimal visits that coincidentally were from tablet users only. Under such circumstances, you might disregard this Optimization.

Additionally, this Optimization aids in identifying pages where desktop or mobile access is not performing to standard, hinting at a larger underlying problem.

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