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URL received no mobile organic search traffic

The URL being evaluated has not garnered any organic search traffic originating from mobile devices as indicated by data from the linked Google Search Console account.

Why is this important?

It's a red flag when a URL yield no visits from mobile devices as it may point to a problem with how the page performs in mobile search results.

Note that this alert does not take into account two related alerts:

  • URL received no desktop organic search traffic

  • URL received no tablet organic search traffic

Thus, it's entirely possible that one or both of these other alerts may have been set off as well.

What does the Optimization check?

The alert will be activated for any internal URL which hasn't received any mobile clicks from organic searches.

The analysis for this data is pulled from the Google Search Console via its API, considering the Property connected and the date range selected.

Why is this Optimization marked 'Potential Issue'?

This alert is categorized under 'Potential Issue', meaning that currently, it may not be impacting the website, but it's a situation that necessitates review since it might lead to complications down the line.

For instance, if the site under analysis is the desktop version and there's an alternative mobile-specific site (such as, one would expect that the mobile site would be attracting all the mobile search traffic. If that's the scenario, then this alert may not warrant concern.

It's also possible that the page simply did not get mobile visits in the time period evaluated because it is a low-traffic page.

Nonetheless, this alert can also point towards cases where the mobile page is not performing as expected, potentially highlighting broader issues that need to be addressed.

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