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URL received no tablet organic search traffic

The situation arises when a specific URL hasn't garnered any organic search traffic from tablet users as reported by the connected Google Search Console account.

Why is this important?

Lack of traffic from tablet users to a page is a noteworthy signal; it could imply problems with the page's visibility or search performance on tablet devices.

It should be noted that this observation stands apart from:

  • URL received no desktop organic search traffic

  • URL received no mobile organic search traffic

It is possible that neither or either of these other observations were also noted.

What does the Optimization check?

Any internal URL that has failed to receive any clicks from tablets through organic search will activate this Optimization.

The information is sourced from the Google Search Console, via its API, for the Property in question over a select time period.

Why is this Optimization marked 'Potential Issue'?

Falling under 'Potential Issue', this Optimization is not currently impacting the site, yet it deserves scrutiny as it may cause problems down the line.

An example scenario could involve auditing a desktop-oriented site with a separate, dedicated mobile site (e.g., that caters to both mobile and tablet traffic. Here, one would not anticipate tablet traffic on the desktop site, rendering this Optimization irrelevant for the case.

Alternatively, the absence of tablet traffic could simply be because the URL is low-traffic in nature and failed to attract any tablet users within the evaluated timeframe.

Aside from these examples, this hint can assist in identifying when a page's tablet variant is falling short, potentially pointing to broader issues that need addressing.



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