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URLs with duplicate meta descriptions

It's been identified that the mentioned URL possesses an identical meta description as seen in other indexable URLs.

Why is this important?

A unique meta description is crucial to signal to users the topic of the webpage from the search engine's results. High-quality and distinct meta descriptions generally lead to an enhanced click-through rate.

Having numerous duplicated meta descriptions is an overlooked chance for optimization. This can make it harder for users to tell similar pages apart in search listings, possibly prompting search engines to replace your descriptions with their choice, which can sometimes be unfavorable.

Larger issues with redundant content can trigger quality-based algorithms like Google's Panda, potentially reducing the overall organic traffic to a website.

What does the Optimization check?

This Optimization will be activated for any internal, indexable URL which features a meta description that is an exact match to the description of another internal, indexable URL.

As the content duplication check is aimed only at indexable URLs, URLs tagged with canonical links are excluded from this analysis due to the canonical tag addressing the duplication concern.

How do you resolve this issue?

Meta description duplication usually stems from an oversight or a fault in script automation.

While meta descriptions might not directly influence SEO, they do affect the click-through rate from search engine results; thus, it's advisable to create unique descriptions when possible.

However, there may be circumstances or for particular page groups where writing a distinct meta description for each page may not be a judicious use of time and resources. In such instances, it might be pragmatic to leave the meta descriptions unfilled.

How do you get more data from Loud Interactive?

Loud Interactive offers the capability to closely inspect a particular URL on this matter or to export the entire dataset of duplicate meta descriptions for review in Excel.

To examine specifics for a URL, select the URL Details button in the URL List section.

URL List -> URL Details -> Duplicate Content -> Meta Descriptions

Navigation to the Duplicate Content and then Meta Descriptions section will display a list of all the URLs involved beneath.

To procure all the data on duplicate meta descriptions, opt for the Export Optimization Data function available at the corner of the interface.

Top right -> Export Optimization Data

This action will generate an Excel file, arranging all URLs with shared meta descriptions for you to sort and analyze with ease.



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