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Canonical Tag Malformed or Empty: A Critical SEO Alert

Issue Overview: This hint identifies webpages where the canonical tag is either malformed or empty.

Why It Matters: Properly defined canonical tags are crucial for directing search engines to the preferred version of a webpage. Malformed or empty canonical tags can lead to indexing issues and dilute SEO efforts, potentially causing search engines to index duplicate or unintended pages.

Optimization Check: The check triggers for internal URLs with incorrect canonical tags – either missing, incomplete, or improperly structured.

Example Scenarios:

1. Canonical tag in the <head> section is empty.

2. HTTP header contains an undefined or incorrect canonical link.

Resolving the Issue: Ensuring accurate canonical tags is essential. It may involve a simple CMS fix or require developer assistance for template adjustments. A widespread issue might indicate a CMS configuration problem.

For in-depth information and guidance, please refer to Sitebulb's detailed explanation [here](


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