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Minify CSS

Pages identified by this URL contain CSS documents that have either not been minified or could benefit from further modification.

Why is this important?

Developers typically build CSS files with legibility in mind, using spaces, commentary, and descriptive variable names. While advantageous for development and future maintenance, this approach leads to inefficient file sizes when delivering content online.

Browsers and servers can interpret files lacking comments and spacing, thus these elements, while enhancing readability, contribute to unnecessary load time without functional advantages.

Superfluous elements often include whitespace, newline characters, commentary, and block delimiters, which serve the purpose of clarity, not functionality.

Minification reduces file size through the analysis and reformation of text within a file, yielding swifter page loads and decreased hosting expenses.

What does the Optimization check?

This Optimization is activated for any internal link pointing to CSS files that can undergo further size reductions through modification.

Examples that trigger this Optimization:

Any CSS URL that includes comments or extraneous spaces that are not essential for the execution would activate this Optimization:

/* Ensure the header background aligns with brand hues. */h1 {  background-color: #000000;}h2 {  background-color: #000000;}      

How do you resolve this issue?

Address this by employing a minification tool for CSS, which will remove unnecessary elements.

  • For a smaller website with infrequent updates, an online minifying tool could suffice which processes your CSS when pasted into its interface, returning an optimized version.

  • For developers, consider incorporating an automated process into your workflow that minifies CSS prior to site updates, using tools like Gulp or webpack

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