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Title tag is missing

Loud Interactive has detected that a certain URL lacks a title tag in its HTML structure.

Why is this important?

A title tag plays a critical role in providing a snapshot of the page's content to users and search engines alike.

Lacking a title tag is a significant on-page SEO concern that could negatively impact search rankings and user click-through rates from search engine results.

What does the Optimization check?

Loud Interactive's Optimization will flag up any internal URL with:

<head>  </head>

How do you resolve this issue?

Given its 'Critical' label, addressing this issue is imperative since it may strongly affect organic search performance. Prioritize resolving Critical issues promptly.

To remedy this, thorough examination of page templates, scripts, or plugins is necessary to uncover the absence of the title tag. A solution typically demands development skills to ensure the title tag is correctly implemented, incorporating primary keywords and conveying the essence of the page.

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